Areas of training and qualifications

“Radio engineering” department trains specialists in two fields:

1)Specialty 7(8).05090103 “Electronic devices, systems and complexes”

The objects of specialty 7(8).05090103 studying is design, repair, maintenance, and operation of radio communications, radar, radio navigation, security and inspection systems

Education of students in specialty 7 (8) .05090103 “Radio electronic devices, systems and complexes” is held in two specializations:

A brief summary to specializations
7(8).05090103.01 “Radio electronic systems and complexes of locations, radio navigation and communication” This specialization 7(8).05090103.01 has direction to train professionals which provide repair and maintenance of radar and radio navigation ensuring of air traffic, as well as in repair, operation and maintenance of both ground radio communications airports and air radio communications.
7(8).05090103.02 “Radio electronic systems and complexes of aviation security” This specialization 7(8).05090103.02has a direction to ensure aviation security experts who are familiar with modern baggage, security and fire systems, access control systems and videosupervision.

2)Specialty 7(8).05090102 ” Radio communication,broadcasting and TV equipment”

The objects of studying specialty 7 (8) .05090102 are global, regional, city and intercity networks, computing systems of collective use, powerful ground-based radar systems, air traffic control systems, power systems, automated radio navigation facilities and so on.