General information

National Aviation University invites you for education to get the most modern and interesting training direction on “Radio engineering” specialization (code 050901): speciality “Radio electronic devices, systems and complexes” (code 7(8).05090103), and speciality “Radio communication equipment, broadcasting and television” (code 7(8).05090102) in educational qualification level “Bachelor” (code 7), or “Master” (code 8).

If you want to acquire modern technologies of development and exploitation of radio communication, location, navigation, security and inspection systems, and to get work on prestigious posts in the airlines, customs, banking institutions, aviation safety services, on TV and radio studio, then exactly at the Department of aviation radio electronic complexes will be fulfilled your wishes.

As a result of the study subjects taught at the department, studying of radio electronic equipment, systems and complexes students receive detailed professional information on the principles of construction and operation of ground-based radar and radio navigation systems, radio systems which used for air traffic control, satellite communication systems and navigation, electronic security and fire alarm systems of checking(care) of luggage at airports of civil aviation. Students receive theoretical knowledge and gain practical skills in the technical operation of electronic complexes that are effectively used in civil aviation and enterprises of different industries.

The most valuable in preparation of specialists, along with high-quality theoretical background is high professional level and ability to organize and carry out operations in a complex technological process of modern electronic systems and complexes operation.

Address of department:

UKRAINE, 03058, Kyiv-58, NAU,
Department of aviation radio electronic complexes
Kosmonavta Komarova av., 1, bldg 3, 3-308 cabinet.

Department (044) 406-79-84.
Engineering (044) 406-74-79.