English speaking project

English project was founded at NAU in 1999.
During functioning of the system of English education at the university tends increase the number students who are studying in English. Thus, in the 2012/2013 academic year studying English almost 1,700 students among which 84 foreigners from abroad, namely from India, Iran, Pakistan, China, Turkey, Nigeria, Gambia, Sudan, Lebanon, Malaysia.
Teaching process is carried out in English 285 highly qualified teachers including 48 professors and 156 associate professors.

Field of knowledge 0509 “Radio, radio devices and communication”
Institute of Air Navigation
Direction: 6.050901 “Radio engineering”
majoring research engineer, research assistant (MA). Specialty 8.05090103 “Systems of radio electronic devices and complexes.” Specializations: 8.0509103.01 “Aviation radio electronic systems and complexes of communication, navigation, radar”. 8.0509103.02 “Radio electronic systems and complexes of aviation safety”
Speciality 8.05090102 “Radio communication broadcasting and television”.
Modern production technologies maintenance and repair of radar and radio navigation systems of airports, airport communication systems, inspection and security systems.